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Move. Store. Or Both

Your full-service partner for moving and storage

At S&W Portable Storage we are able to help our clients with all of their moving needs. We deliver containers to your location and once your belongings are packed inside, we can relocate the container to your new address. 

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Storage that fits your stuff - and your needs

At S&W Portable Storage, we also offer on-site storage for our clients. If you aren't quite able to move to your new location, or need a space to temporarily store your container, we are able to bring your loaded container back to our facility to store for you until you're ready to move in to your new location!

How It Works

Give Us A Call


We Deliver Your Container

Provide us the delivery address and we will deliver your container in a timely manner!

We Move Or Store Your Container

Whether you're needing your container transferred to your new location or stored at our facility, we will accommodate your moving and storing needs!

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